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Better With Pepsi

A brand that has existed at the forefront of culture for over 125 years, Pepsi recently rolled out a new look and feel with an eye towards the future. As part of this global rebrand we partnered with Pepsi to develop the static and motion expression for their Better with Pepsi visual system, a platform intended to continually strengthen the connection between Pepsi, indulgent food, and life’s everyday moments across multiple platforms and environments.

Visual System Development, Motion System Development, Visual Guidelines, Motion Toolkit

Rooted in the core elements of the Pepsi rebrand, this system was built with maximum impact in mind. High energy beats of electric blue and floods of black create a framework for the brand’s confident, custom typeface, while mouth-watering photography and video content help celebrate Pepsi’s unapologetic love of food and those moments in between.

More Authenticity, More Vibrancy

A major element to the platform was the development of a motion system that could offer Pepsi an increased flexibility to navigate their digital domain. Inspired by the beat and pace of the Pepsi Pulse, we created animated kit of parts that could be combined in a multitude of ways to create quick, punchy, and high-impact motion assets across a wide variety of digital touchpoints, and ensuring they can grab the attention of their consumers.

The result was a highly flexible system that could be applied on everything from high impact out-of-home moments, to hard working retail assets. We then documented the system and its usage in a toolkit that could help facilitate smoother and more seamless collaborations between Pepsi and their partners so they can have greater flexibility in connecting with their consumers wherever they may dine, shop, or play.

Creative Partners

Special thanks to Akimbo: Animation and Motion Graphics