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Retail Concept Store

The team at Shiekh approached Mega to lead an ambitious effort to set a new vision for the in person Shiekh retail experience – one that would become the north star for guiding the next generation of IRL retail.

The Shiekh team is very tuned into their audience and has spent 30+ years growing the business from the ground up. And as they have throughout their story, they saw an opportunity to grow into something more aspirational.

The primary goal with the pilot was to create something transformative – shifting the brand perception to something much more elevated than its current form. Our concept was built around clean symmetrical gestures, forward-leaning angles, and a more nuanced material story. The store feels approachable and exclusive at the same time, with a renewed focus on product as the hero throughout the space.

Environmental Design, Brand Identity, Strategy

To craft the journey and floorplan – we had to balance the mandate for equitable footprints for men and women, while also incorporating dedicated shop-in-shops for both Nike and Jordan.

Using the footwear wall as a central spine that bisects the space, we anchored the journey and flow around the primary shopping experience. And then using consistent form gestures along with shifting materials we were able to create a set of distinct zones that family together while also having their own expression.

Working with Mega was a game changer for us to design a new flagship proof of concept experience. The Shiekh team is thrilled on how the store came together. This multi-functional space delivered on our dream of a truly holistic brand experience that blurs the lines between fashion, lifestyle, art and sport.

Shiekh Ellahi & Chris Monroe, Owners

In addition to the new environmental experience, we also felt it was important to create a more elevated expression of the brand itself and how that spirit informs where and how it comes to life. To help reinforce the sense that this was a new and different Shiekh experience, it was critical that all points of the consumer journey were considered... art in the store, launch comms, store collateral... etc.

Creative Partners

Special thanks to: Jeremy Bittermann Photography