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Protect Our Winters

Brand Identity

Protect Our Winters is a group of passionate outdoor athletes and experts focused on protecting the places and experiences they love from climate change. Founded in 2007 by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones, POW today is global network of more than 130,000 supporters that use their platform in the outdoor sports community to reach and activate over 57 million outdoor sports enthusiasts all over the world. In 2023, we teamed up with POW to evolve their brand identity and create a brand platform and visual system to help support their growing efforts and ambitions.

Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Social Campaign

Amplifying Important Voices

To solve the climate crisis, the world needs an organized effort from a global community. POW helps harness individual passions of the 'Outdoor State' into a collective purpose, delivering climate education and action where it's needed most.

The POW identity system needed to help frame important voices within the climate conversation and provides a platform for individuals to be heard regarding climate policy.

POW Action Fund

The POW Action Fund is a sister organization to Protect Our Winters that turns the outdoor community’s shared love of wild places into the political will needed to drive positive action on climate change.

We leveraged the refreshed POW visual system to create an identity for POW Action Fund that evokes the immediacy of the climate crisis.