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Tropicana Brands Group


The world’s largest producer of branded juice, Tropicana has been showing up at the breakfast table for over 75 years. As part of updating the brand’s visual language our team created a refreshed asset library built from lifestyle, product, and ingredients imagery and video to help communicate deeper product stories as well as share the moments of connection that keep people coming back to Tropicana.

Art Direction, Photography Direction, Content Direction, UI/UX Design, Front-End Development

We also rebuilt and reimagined, crafting an entirely new user journey and visual expression for the site that leverages the brand’s fresh visual language while bringing new emphasis to their legacy and lifestyle. With our updated suite of masterbrand assets in hand we created a cohesive and streamlined digital experience that helps people build connection with the brand before introducing product specific content.

Creative Partners

Special thanks to Tara Donne: Lifestyle Photography, The Kaplans: Studio Photography, Emily Hanour: Executive Production Partner, and Campfire Creative: Post-Production and Retouching.