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START.GG, formerly known as SMASH.GG, is a tournament platform that empowers esports communities to create, discover and engage in meaningful ways. Microsoft approached Studio Mega to design an identity that reflects the ever-growing and diversifying industry. We developed a dynamic, adaptive visual system that allows them to frame up unforgettable moments and represent every unique personality that makes up START.GG.

Brand Identity, Art Direction, Digital

Flex and Adapt

Made up of two opposing brackets, we created an icon that celebrates the high-stake competition of esports communities. We crafted a custom logotype based off the icon to create a cohesive logo that can flex across all branded applications.

You all provided lots of options/guidance, and the stakeholders from the various teams were all enthusiastic and positive about your responsiveness to feedback, your attention to detail and your quality of overall work. We can’t wait to share the new with the world!

Donald Brinkman, Head of Operations at