Meet, Miko.

Miko is a STEM robot toy with a quirky personality that educates and builds lasting friendships with kids. Like a best buddy, it understands and responds to a kid’s world, instilling feelings of companionship to build confidence and encouraging creative interactions that are individual to every kid.

While the toy was already popular in India, the Miko team and Mega collaborated to create a refreshed visual system and campaign in preparation for their first U.S. product launch.

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • Art Direction
  • Marketing Campaign

The brand amplifies the expressive nature of Miko’s behaviors, told through a system of shape graphics that emulate its iconic, rounded form factor while also drawing inspiration from familiar shapes found within a kid’s environment. This system was used as collage and framing elements combined with photography to communicate nutritive growth and childhood play.


When positioning the brand, we made sure that Miko was perceived as a character to both parents and kids alike. We defined its personality by observing other familiar characters within kid's lives, taking inspiration from Wall-E and BB-8 to create a character that is 'smart', 'curious' and sometimes 'goofy'. Miko’s personality was our power to create meaningful connections with our audience.

Now that we had a personality and a brand, we needed to create a campaign strategy that showcased the beneficial experiences that Miko, kids, and parents can share beyond the school walls.

We crafted a messaging framework to help the Miko team communicate with their customers at various levels, capturing both the emotional and functional benefits of the toy while being silly and smart—making Miko so easy to love.

This became a foundation for our campaign storytelling. Our concept was created around the game of hide-and-seek to demonstrate how Miko can teach, emote, move, recognize others and environmental surfaces. Our goal was to show how Miko and kids can learn together through the world around them, while allowing parents to be in charge.

"Miko's so cute! This is what I'm asking Santa for."

From storyboarding to script-writing, music selection, and casting, our team worked closely with collaborators to direct our vision for the campaign.

We set out to capture genuine family dynamics and playful interactions with Miko, all in a Covid-safe way.

Creative Partners:

Director: Cali Bondad
Executive Producer: DPM Projects
Photographer: We Are the Rhoads
VFX & Animation: Delta G
Editor: Kyle Stebbins
Other Collaborators: Natasha Polozenko, Andrew Dickson,
Joe Rogers, Lance Limbocker, Eric Rosen