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Digital Design System

COR is an at-home spectroscopy system designed to track the subtle changes of your blood's composition in correlation to your lifestyle choices. We worked to create an informative online experience that educated our audience on how COR allows you to be on the offense of your health, and help visualize the relationship between personal habits and blood health through custom content.

Art Direction, Web Design, Front-end Development

Expanding off the identity work WEST created, we helped push the COR visual language into an educational and scalable digital system. By leveraging datasets and app UI elements, we developed a component system to visualize the relationship between lifestyle choices and blood health.

Built to Last

The flexible component system we built allows COR to effortlessly create and adjust content blocks to adapt to their evolving platform.

Content Creation

To help convey the variety of lifestyle factors that affect your blood's health, we art-directed and photographed custom content that visualizes the correlation of a person's routine and the COR system.

Creative Partners

Special thanks to WEST: Brand Identity.