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Chosen Family Wines

Brand & Packaging

When our friends from L'Angolo Estate decided to partner with NBA Champions Channing Frye and Kevin Love, they came to us to help them create the brand. The result was Chosen Family Wines, a wine collective built from friendship and a belief that wine can be a catalyst for new connections.

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Packaging

We designed a series of wine labels with custom landscape illustrations and badging that featured the many partners and places Chosen Family's wines come from.

Channing, who had recently retired from a long NBA career, was becoming a successful member of the sports media. Because of that, he was able to not only feature Chosen Family prominently, but also use his platform to evangelize wine and winemaking for his fellow NBA community and fans, who have notedly become a growing segment of strong wine enthusiasts, with many players owning and producing wines of their own. In 2021, Channing's former teammate Kevin Love joined the Chosen Family as co-owner.