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Bidwell Hotel

Brand & Naming

The ownership group of the downtown Portland Marriott come to us with a challenge. Help re-invent a hotel in the heart of Portland that actually reflects the heart of Portland.

Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Art Direction, Naming

The Bidwell was the result of months of creative partnership in which we helped craft a new name, brand platform and visual identity for a hotel in which nurture and nature work seamlessly.

We created a visual system of custom hand made art and graphics that became the foundation of the visual identity that came to life through the many communications and amenities the Bidwell offers.

The High Horse

The High Horse is the second floor spot for elevated food and drinks. We created an identity that was as approachable and unpretentious as the bar itself.

Creative Partners

Special thanks to Devin Tolman: Photography, and Sparkhouse Studios: Photography.