Nike x Foot Locker Launch

Nike approached us with an exciting opportunity: create a full campaign for the launch of a ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ version of eight of their iconic silhouettes, reimagined for cities across the country.

For the Holiday launch, we started with locally gathered insights, and developed social/web content inspired by each city's unique ingredients. The campaign rolled out through two seasons, across channels at Foot Locker, Champs, and Footaction.

  • Creative Direction
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Identity System
  • Copywriting

The direction of the campaign artwork was built on the conceptual foundation of each city being a mix of distinctive ingredients. The kind of stuff local sneakerheads would recognize as an authentic tribute to their hometown.

We created an expressive graphic package using textures, artwork, illustrations, and photographs native to each locale. We directed product photoshoots and creation of motion elements, while also generating 3D models within each city’s collage.

The system included more than just the graphic package. We concepted and produced six short videos featuring interviews with local ambassadors. For each of our three cities, one athlete and one musician was selected to share their local insights and personal histories, adding a genuine human element to the story.

We called on iconic musicians and athletes from each city to act as campaign ambassadors and tell us about their city.


The product was introduced early to a select group of recipients in each city chosen by our ambassadors. Both kits played off the theme of travel; the Home kits utilized a customized shoe travel case, while the Away shoes came in a city-specific suitcase.


To rollout the second season, we wanted to keep things fresh while maintaining the soul of the "city icons" concept. With Foot Locker’s social channels pushing out new content rapidly, we knew it was going to be important to stay hyper-current, so we evolved the core visual system without being repetitive.

For the spring launch we were lucky to team up with a new crew of talent: San Francisco based photographer Thalia Gochez and Los Angeles illustrator Andy Busc. Together we reinvigorated the campaign for five new cities, leveraging eccentric illustrations and on-location product photography.

Each product was shot in the local context of the city that inspired it. We captured the shoes in broadly-recognized locations as well as esoteric, locals-only spots. These product shots were overlaid with Andy Busc’s whimsical single-color illustrations to round out the campaign artwork.