Nike KD9 Launch Event

To build energy around the launch of the KD9, we designed the touch points for a unique activation born from Nike’s “Zoom Everywhere” campaign and Kevin Durant’s love of cycling.

  • Visual Language
  • Production & Delivery
  • Branded Experience Design

Lucky recipients in NYC were handed limited edition KD9 packs, delivered straight to their doorstep either by KD himself, or by one of an army of Postmates bike couriers.

Building off the visual direction of Nike’s seasonal Zoom campaign, we designed the collateral for each touch points at the launch event. Items included custom KD9 packaging, bike courier system of dress, printed collateral, and even a one-of-a-kind bicycle, partnering with cycle builder Linus, to customize one of their Roadster Classics to accommodate Kevin’s seven foot frame.

Video credit: Postmates Inc.