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NBA All-Star LA

The brand of flight has been deeply connected to LA since it's origination. MJ won his first gold medal at the 1984 LA Olympics. He seized his first NBA championship on the road in LA. Today the connection and commitment is even deeper, with hometown roots of Jordan athletes Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard running deep.

Host of the 2018 NBA All Star Weekend — Los Angeles is a city like no other in terms of its influence on sport, fashion and culture. To make the stakes even higher, this was to be the first time ever that the Jumpman would be on the game jerseys — as the official on-court apparel brand. The brand had to go big and had to cut through.

In partnership with Jordan, we created a set of brand activations throughout the city that did just that. Across LA we created disruptive experiences that set the brand apart through a new forward looking mentality, while at the same time celebrating the Jumpman culture. Out in East Los Angeles, downtown on Broadway, up in Hollywood, and in the heart of Little Tokyo — the strategy was to share the unique personalities of the brand in distinctly different locations.

Art Direction, Environmental Design, Event Design

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In East Los Angeles, we did what no other brand was doing and took our experience to the kid rather than the other way around. Our concept was the Jumpman Festival — and it was a celebration of the game, art, and community as a whole.

Transformative Spaces

Immersive storytelling experiences intended to set the bar for the future of retail for Brand Jordan.

When in East LA...LaMarcus made a stop by the Jordan Brand store for a special event #NBAAllStar (via Twitter)

East Los Customs

For our product customization activation, we wanted to do something both artful and hyper-local. We landed on a concept and format that combined direct to garment printing and live airbrushing, allowing the consumer to create their own stories on the spot.

Commissioned Artworks

To anchor the court experience, we worked with local artists to create massive mural installations. At one baseline we commissioned DEFER (Alex Kizu) to paint a giant piece that's inspired by Jordan. On the other baseline we worked with an amazing hand lettering artist named Luis Rodriquez, who created a piece showing the historical (and comically long) name of the City of Angels.

In Downtown LA, we went in a completely different direction — we transformed an existing retailer into the Jumpman Gallery, a sneaker boutique experience intended to set the foundation for the future of retail for Brand Jordan.

Clean Lines

To elevate the retail experience we wanted to pull back on how much product was on the floor, resulting in more focus and less clutter.

The Details

No detail was overlooked. To create our Jumpman retail storefront we created an entire new entryway. The black/white split continued through to our dressing room, leaving almost all of it in the white. DJ’s set the vibe all weekend, rather than a playlist. Even the staff dress was dialed, with most everyone opting for AJ-I’s.

On the Fly Storytelling

We wanted to contrast the stark and futuristic environment with something more personal and human. We landed on an approach using hand lettered storytelling that added depth and meaning to the experience.