Dossier, naturally.

With the hotel scene in Portland multiplying by the day, hotel brands are finding it harder then ever to stand out, and to stand for something genuine.

When Provenance Hotels approached us to rebrand their existing Dossier Hotel, we found that our initial instinct to elevate the Dossier to an aspirational level that could contend with bigger, more established hospitality markets was actually misguided.

  • Hospitality
  • Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Illustration

Our research proved that there was a segment of travelers to Portland who were less compelled by the promise of a slick, cosmopolitan experience than they were by the chance to tap into some of the things that have made Portland an attractive destination for years. They wanted to connect to Portland’s unique, creative way of life and spend a few inspiring moments immersed in the beauty of it’s natural surroundings.

Enlightened by that knowledge, we developed a new identity system, service strategy, and collateral materials. In addition, we curated a distinctive in-room art story inspired by Oregon’s natural environment. The result was an updated brand which positioned Dossier as base camp for travelers exploring Portland in search of an experience that’s truly local.


The art we curated for Dossier celebrates the offbeat style of our city and the beauty of its natural surroundings. The collection is comprised of nature-inspired work by a diverse range of illustrators, painters, and printmakers, all of whom are based in the Pacific Northwest.

This eclectic offering fills Dossier’s corridors and guest rooms with an upbeat, colorful spirit, serving as both a source of creative inspiration and a reminder of our city’s stunning backdrop.

Our brand patterns are inspired by flora native to the Pacific Northwest.