adidas Pureboost

To announce the launch of the PureBoost running shoe for SS17, adidas partnered with Studio Mega to develop the entire campaign.

From concept, to messaging, to content creation - we helped adidas define a new running silo dedicated to a unique consumer archetype.

  • Concept Development
  • Art Direction
  • Photo Direction
  • Messaging
  • Graphic Language
  • Campaign Directive

We started by drilling down to what makes the Pureboost consumer different.

While many hardcore runners are obsessed with personal records, heart rates, and energy gels - our audience prioritizes the simple thrill of exploring the urban maze. Their run is their creative outlet. They discover new routes, new friends, and new challenges along the way.

The sub-category of urban explorer was a unique proposition for adidas running, and it called for an unconventional approach to the Pureboost photo direction.

Content Creation

With the concept established, we began developing a suite of creative assets to tell the story. The content included athlete and product photography, campaign messaging, and typographic overlays to accent our layouts.

We partnered with photographer Brian Kelley (@briankelleyphoto), to capture our athletes dashing through L.A.’s alleyways. Brian’s background in skate photography made him the perfect fit to bring a level of chaotic, spontaneous energy to the images.


From there, we built a campaign directive which outlined a system of bold, repeating typography that overlays and interacted with the photography. Using written messages as an expressive graphic element, we broke traditional layout constructs to create a raw, turbulent vibe that aligned with our “escape the grid” concept.