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Senior Designer (brand + digital)


At Studio Mega, we’re interested in crafting the many ways in which creativity can shape the world. To be a senior member of our design team means that you’re a multi-faceted expert in creating the work and fostering the relationships that will help us do that.


You have experience leading teams responsible for building brand systems for both digital and physical experiences.

You are a critical thinker and an expert in your craft - both in theory and in execution.

You are aware and focused on the needs of our clients, their ask, and how to flexibly work with them to deliver transcendent solutions.

You know how to effectively manage your time to deliver amazing work on time and in a professional manner.

You are an excellent communicator and presenter, making the complex feel simple by providing distinct and meaningful solutions for our partners.

You are self-motivated to learn and grow by acquiring new skills, tools and experiences.

You bring a positive attitude, a natural curiosity, and a distinct point-of-view that inspires us all to be better.


You will translate brand thinking and traditional design seamlessly into the digital realm, using a proficiency in current digital tools, sharp UX thinking, and complete fluency when communicating with dev partners and internal teams.

You will work closely with your Creative Director to become a key driver of any project you’re working on.

You will collaborate with the team on initial concepts, user flows, visual design, and prototypes.

You will team up with program and account managers to help define and then deliver within the parameters of any project (time, scope, resource).

You will be responsible for the quality and completeness of any work that you and your team put out into the world, and will participate in all phases, from strategy to launch to optimization.

You will be an antenna for outside inspiration, bringing new thinking & ideas into the studio.


• Senior Designer (Brand + Digital)

• Portfolio Required (Include PDF or link)

• Experience (5-7 years)

• Proven proficiency in UX & Interaction design

• Full-Time or Contract

• Motion & 3D or Illustration skills are a plus

If you’re interested, send us a message at yo@studiomega.com with your resume, portfolio of relevant work, and anything else you’d like us to consider.

We want to thank everyone who has interest in working with Studio Mega. It means a lot to us that you saw something worth reaching out to. We take each application seriously and we take the time to consider many variables before responding to any candidate.

Look for a response from us within the next week or so - but if you don’t hear from us, it doesn’t mean that we didn’t see potential, only that we may have to wait for the next opportunity to find that right fit. So much of this business is about timing.