For the past year, we've worked with Nau to help craft and implement a new brand messaging strategy for the ethically-minded clothing company. Beyond strategy, we've continued to partner with them to develop storytelling and retail needs as they expand. 

  • Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Retail Design
I Pad About Wa@2X
I Pad About Wa@2X
I Pad About Wa@2X
Framing purpose

Our approach was to create a set of brand statements that go beyond the products Nau makes to instead communicate their reason for being through the emotional and functional values they provide the world. The end result was a communications package to be applied across their e-commerce, retail, marketing, and social channels. 

Chelsea Store@2X
Retail fixture design

With their retail footprint expanding, we helped to design a new fixture system for owned and wholesale partners. Our final design was a system of interlocking parts created to be flexible yet durable in order to accommodate various product assortments and configurations as well as signage and communications throughout the year.

Fixture Shot 01@2X
Fixture Detail 01@2X
Fixture Detail 02@2X