Nike / Jordan 2017 All-Star Customization

In the weeks leading up to the 2017 NBA All-Star Game hosted in New Orleans, Nike and the Jordan Brand approached us to help deliver a customization concept, and artwork to excite and engage fans in a completely new way.

  • Art Direction
  • Apparel Graphic
  • Customization Strategy
Designing in real time

Leveraging new customization platforms,  we created a system of building blocks that had the ability and flexibility to be assembled and completed as events and the game unfolded. The concept centered around a collection of iconography reflecting each Nike and Jordan All-Star along with a series of achievements that could be edited in real time and for merchandise to be rolled out almost instantly to fans in New Orleans for the festivities.

Nola Reactive Allup@2X
Supporting equality through sport. 

Along with the customization graphics, we also partnered with the team to create a series of New Orleans inspired apparel graphics, pins and patches that celebrated Nike’s newly launched “Equality” initiative. This work gave the timely campaign a fresh local perspective and distinct tie to the weekend. 

Nola Customization Station@2X
Nola Equality Patches@2X
Nola Pins@2X
Nola Equality Tee Copy@2X