British Manor Spa

We partnered with founder Tania Farah, to create an identity, visual direction and interior design direction for her new luxury spa in Portland, OR. Our system aimed to visually capture her goal of delivering a first class spa experience serving both traditional spa-goers and premier athletes.

  • Identity Systems
  • Art Direction
  • Branded Spaces
  • Visual Language
  • Photo Direction

While Tania, born and raised in the UK, and wife of British Olympic, World and European champion distance runner Sir Mo Farah, came with a strong sense of the feeling she was looking to create, we functioned as her creative partner to advise and direct a cohesive visual direction across environment, e-commerce and storytelling content.

To bring the direction home and introduce the spa to the public, we helped to direct and produce a photo shoot within the finished space to create a library of storytelling assets to be used for web, marketing, social and PR.