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Brand Designer


We’re on the search for someone to bring their passion and skill to our growing team. A designer that’s hard to define and pin down. A swiss-army knife maker that’s hungry for creative challenges, whatever they may be. Someone that’s ready to bring their unique background, perspective, and original ideas to the table This role is for a self-motivated leader in the making, open and willing to drive projects from start to finish.

Is this you?: The designer you are today is a culmination of a lifetime of curiosity, creativity and craft. You’re inspired by the world around you and constantly working to understand, evolve and make your mark. You get bored by doing things the same way and aren’t afraid to use whatever tools it takes to share the vision, whether it be analog, digital, in motion, 2D or 3D. You’re up for rolling up your sleeves and having fun with a small, but potent group of creative crushers, pushing each other to make better.


  • 4 to 7 years experience
  • Rad portfolio that demonstrates conceptual and visual depth and breadth
  • Take the work seriously, not yourself
  • Have experience working in an agency setting and have helped to build brands
  • Down to learn new software and tools and share what you know with us
  • Proactively seek answers and new ways of doing it
  • Extra points UI/UX and/or motion skills
  • The drive to contribute to, and help build Mega into, a world-class creative studio
  • Steeze for days

You’re still here?! Drop us a line here and point us towards your work. We’d love to chat in person to see if there’s a fit.